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2019 - PRESENT

Powerhouse Gaming - Creative Director

Own, articulate, and evangelize visual direction and direct multiple art disciplines to achieve incredible results. Lead, mentor, and assist in the training and development of all members of the design team(s). The main point of contact and communication for the Game Producers and Project Management while providing consistent communication between the various stakeholders and departments to ensure not only a smooth workflow, and assure quality control, and the consistency of design throughout the entire game production process.

2017 - 2019

VGT | Aristocrat - Game Artist

Design and develop user-centered digital graphics, animation, special effects, and marketing content from initial concept to final, polished deliverable. Working with managers to plan work and disseminate plans to functional team members. Guide team artists to deliver on time and to the quality targets required. Lead and facilitate discussions within the art team and technical art for art reviews and technical discussions. Design, conceptualize and storyboard the artistic vision as needed to assist the art team in executing on designs.

2015 - 2016

Spin Games - Lead Artist

Responsible for the overall look of a game, devising the game’s visual style and directing the production of all visual material throughout the game’s development. Specializing in differentiated content and concepts with an emphasis on innovative secondary bonusing products for the gaming industry.

• Organized multi-company communication and collaboration with IGT, Konami, Everi Games, Lightning Box, Nektan, Grand Vision Gaming, WMS Gaming, Microgaming, Novomatic, Jama Games and Interblock to bring land-based slot games to mobile platforms.

2016 - 2016

Konami - Sole Artist

During employment at Spin Games.
Hot Strike Keno™ by Konami is their first keno product to be released. Sole artist from concept to market. Conceptualize original ideas that brought simplicity and user friendliness to consumers. Created wireframes, storyboards, user flows, process flows and site maps to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas. Present and defend designs and key milestone deliverables to peers and executive level stakeholders. Executed all visual design stages from concept to final hand-off to engineering.

2016 - 2016

JAMA Games - Sole Artist

During employment at Spin Games.
Additive bonus game that will operate on a standard Double-Double Bonus paytable poker game. Sole designer and graphic artists from concept to market. A strong, classic poker style with some hints of modern graphics.

Destiny Poker is now live on Foxwoods Casino's online website: https://online.foxwoods.com/landing It is in the Table and other gaming areas. Read more about Destiny Poker and find out where you can play it at http://www.destinyvideopoker.com

2016 - 2016

Mike's Hard Lemonade - Sole Artist

During employment at Spin Games.
Freelance opportunity at Zooppa, a global social network for creative talent. The world’s leading source of user-generated advertising committed to the vision of real people and innovative brands working together. Everyone knows Mike's Hard Lemonade, but only those who dabble in hardcore badassery know Mike's Harder Lemonade. The brash younger brother who dares to take that next step beyond traditional flavor and alcohol content into a world filled with flamethrowers, ninjas and good one-liners. I was contacted and asked to give the brand a unique voice and point of view that could differentiate it from the competitive malt beverage landscape. Creating a jaw-dropping, knee-slapping, thirst-inducing can artwork inspired by the new mike’s HARDER seasonal flavor PASSION FRUIT, conveying the fruit in my artwork.

2014 - 2014

General Electric - Developer / Designer

During employment at Perfect Balance Designs.
Collaborator on an architectural development and structural design for a custom online library database programmed to develop an extensive resource book catalog.

2013 - 2015

Perfect Balance Designs - Lead Artist

Guide the creation and execution of marketing materials, balancing the overall company strategic direction. Created luxury branding and marketing materials that adhered to established brand standards. Creating and designing effective marketing material helping with branding companies, websites, advertising campaigns, business cards, brochures, and other collateral materials effectively. Designing original custom website designs, including branding & identity, graphic design, web development, SEO, web marketing, print media production, video editing, content development, social media marketing and more.

2011 - 2012

SoundBit iOS Application - Sole Artist

SoundBit is a social media application designed to provide users the ability to share the entertainment of sound amongst their friends and the rest of the social media world. The application will first be designed for use on smart-phones, with the option to expand to a webpage platform. Users of SoundBit will be provided the opportunity to manipulate their favorite 30 second bits of sound, whether it be music, movie quotes, or important news, with any users who choose to be their “Fan” or follow their personal page. To put it in practical terms, the same way you think of a thought and decide to share it on twitter by typing it in and posting it, you would be able hear or think of a sound, upload it to our app, cut out the main 30-seconds of the sound, and post it to a very similar news feed section. The application will be designed to be classic in design and simple in its user interface. SoundBit stands to be a simple to use addicting application integrating the entertainment of sound that everyone enjoys with the sharing nature of social media that currently a mass percentage of the world uses on a regular basis. We have noticed a void in both the social media market and the music and sound industries. SoundBit will fill this void. People who love music, movies, comedy, etc. will now have a new outlet to enjoy their sound as well as share it. People immersed in social media and sharing their every thought and action will now have a new asset to share, their taste in sound.

2010 - 2014

University of Nevada, Reno

Introduction to concepts and practices of computer art and related media with an emphasis on contemporary experimental applications. Exploration of issues and practices for two-dimensional electronic digital imaging and mixed media applications. Includes montage, collage, assemblage, image transfer, and large format printing. Investigation and creation of audio and image production for the studio artist. Activities include the creation of experimental audio and video works for performance and installation. Emphasis on further developing skills for the critical and conceptual utilization of digital media for personal expression. Tutorial on an independent basis arranged with tutor/advisor. Survey of the history and contemporary practices, including an emphasis on individual artists and their work. Encourages an analytical and critical approach to historical and contemporary issues related to the human/machine creative interface.

2006 - 2010

Regional Occupation Program

Modern Digital Graphics and Media with an emphasis on career-related concepts needed to communicate both visually, orally, and ethically in a professional setting. Exploring and analyzing historical, social and cultural analyses of art and design. Emphases placed upon the practical aspects of commercial art (graphic design and art direction) used in publishing, design and illustration, photography, multimedia, and Internet web presentations. Technology and computers incorporated in a systematic and structured approach to complete a wide range of projects of increasing difficulty in various types of media. Skills in communication and message design including color, typography, and design principles. Techniques used in publishing, design and illustration, photography and multimedia presentations, using design history, elements, and principals. Implementing graphic and web techniques working on all stages of production using industry-standard software (i.e. Adobe Master Collection) to create original products such as logos, posters, newspapers, advertisements, websites, two-dimensional animation, photo editing, drawing, Painting, and illustration, design layouts for printing and screen printing T-shirts/ posters.

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